Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kale leaf Patra


Big Kale leaf                              20 nos
Toordhal                                    1/2 cup
Channadhal                                1/2 cup
Green chilli                                 6nos
Ginger                                        A bit
Rice flour                                   1 Tablespoon
Asafoedita                                 1/4 Teaspoon
Salt                                             To taste


Kale leaf is to be cleaned,washed and dried in apaper towel. Soak both the dhalls for 2 hours.Wash and drain the water. Grind it to apastewith slt,chilli,ginger and asafedita.Remove and add rice flour.Mix well and spread it on one side of the Kaleleaf.Like this spread the whole paste on all the kale leaves.Now keep one kale leaf on the other.Now slowly roll the kale leaf to a sprng roll .Prick with a tooth pickso that Patra rolls won"t become loose.Now steam all the patra rollsfor 15 minutes.Remove and kee aside.. Cut the patras into  2" pieces. Keep a shallow Pan and heat it. Arrange the patras4 pieces at a time. Spread some olive oil so that it will be fixed uniformly.Turn all the side to get an appealing look.Remove and serve withsome sweet or spicy sauce

Beetroot and Potato Cutlet


Potato                                     1/4 kg
Beetroot                                  1(grated0
Ginger                                     A bit
Garlic                                      4 pods
Coriander powder                   1Teaspoon
Chillipowder                            1 teaspoon
Garammasalapowder               1/2 Teaspoon
Salt                                          To taste
Chopped coriander leaf           3 Tablespoon
Sooji(Rava0                             For dusting the cutlet
Oil For frying
Bread slices                              2Nos


Cook the potatos,soft peal and keep  aside.Grind the Beetroot without water.Mash the potatosand add the Beetroot mixture with 2Breadslices,salt, coriander powder ,garammasalapowder,chillipowder and chopped coriander leaves and kneed it to a  ball.Now divide them to lemon  sized balls.Heat the oil in a pan .Dust the balls liberally with Rava and press it to a desired shape and deep fry them by adding 4 to 5 pieces at a time to golden colour.Remove and serve with spicy mintchutney or tomoto ketchup.

This is a good  to use as a Anack.

Urid Chutney


Small Onion                1/2 cup
Urid Dhal                   1/4 cup
Red Chilli                   8
Tomato                      2
Tamarind                    A bit
Salt                            To taste
Oil for saute               2Tablespoon
Oil for seasoning         2Tablespoon
Mustard seed             1 Teaspoon
Curryleaves                10 leaves


Heat the oil for seasoning,then add ustard to splutter.Add  1teaspon of Uriddhall and roast it adding Asafoeditta and keep aside.Again keep the pan add 2 tablespoon of oil and urid dhall and start stirring by adding redchilli.When the uriddhall becomes   golden colour add onion till it becomes transparent. Now add salt and cut tomotos with a bit of tamarind and stir for 5 minutes.Allow it to cool.Then grind it to paste and transfer it to the seasonings.

This is served with Dosa and Iddli.

Onion Kotsu


Onion:                     3nos
Tomato:                  2nos
Chilli Powder                      1 1/2 Teaspoon
Garlic:                     6
Salt                        To taste
Poppyseed             1tablespoon
Cashewnut             8 nos
Coconut scrappings1/2 cup
Oil                          3 tablespoon
Sombu                   1Teaspoon
Jeera                     1 teaspoon

Procedure : 

Heat the oil and add Sombuand Curryleaves and season it.Add cut onions and garlic with little saltand saute this.Meantime make a paste of chillipowder with waterand keep aside.Add cut Tomatos and mix well adding prepared chillipaste. with salt to taste.Now grind coconut,poopyseed and cashewnut together and extract the juice.Add  to the mixture in the panand allow it to simmer for 5 minutes. Add curryleavesand remove.

This is good for serving with Iddly and Disa.               

Bath Powder for all


Whole Greengram:          1kg

Fenugreek                      3tablespoon

Kasthuriturmeric:             200gm

Edward Rose:                 50nos
(Rose used for making garland)


Dry all ingredients in the sunlight and drygrind to fine powder. Store in a tight container.

This is good for skin lusture,antiseptic. Hence can be used for Children. Elders also can use this.


Friday, February 21, 2014

7 cup burfi by Rama Soundararajan

7cup cake recipe:
  1. 1 and half cup-badam (powder it in the mixie. Do not soak or do not peel.)
  2. half cup -gramdal flour(kadalai mavu)
  3. 1 cup ghee
  4. 1cup milk
  5. 3 cups sugar (if you want you can add half cup more sugar)
In  a thick bottom vessel add ghee and slightly fry the gram flour and cool it.
Then add all the other ingredients and mix well.
Heat it  and stir continuously till it becomes thick consistency like mysore pak consistency.
Remove and spread on a greased tray.
Cool and cut into small pieces.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Moong dhal idiappam

Ingredients for 4 servings

  1. Moon dhal -  3/4 cup (semi-cooked about 3/4th of the way)
  2. Red chilly - 5
  3. Green chilly  split - 2 nos
  4. Mustard - 1 teaspoon
  5. Channa dhal - 3 teaspoon
  6. Asafoetida - 1/2 teaspoon
  7. Oil - 2 tablespoons
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Curry leaves - 10 in number
  10. Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
  11. Coconut scrapings - 4 tablespoons (optional)
  1. Loosen the idiappam 
  2. Heat the oil and add mustard, channa dhal, red chilly, green chilly and asafoetida
  3. When the sesoning becomes golden color add the turmeric powder, curry leaves and salt
  4. Now add the loosened idiappan to the pan and slowly mix well
  5. Drain the water from the cooked idiappam and add this to the pan
  6. Mix well without mashing 
  7. Remove and serve
  8. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice 
  9. Add Coconut scrapings is options.